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Desktop Repair

Quadaces Website Design and Hosting

  • PC Upgrades
  • PC Repairs
  • Hardware Upgrades & Repairs
  • Software Installation & Drivers
  • Custom Built Computers
  • Virus/Maleware Removal
  • Backup and File Recovery

Desktops have become an essiantal part of our lives. We need them to keep records, view photos, keep in contract with loved ones, do our work and the list goes on. When our computers start acting up it can be a frusterating experince. Give us a call and we can help ease your mind knowing that we will get down to the root problem of your computer errors. We provide services from upgrades and repairs to virus removal.

We also can help with upgrading your desktop with new hardware and software as well as backing up or recovering lost files and photos.


Laptop Repair

Quadaces Cad Drafting

  • Laptop Upgrades
  • Laptop Repairs
  • Hardware Upgrades & Repairs
  • Software Installation & Drivers
  • Screen Replacement
  • Virus/Maleware Removal
  • Backup and File Recovery

Laptops have been around since 1981 and since then we have fell in love with the idea of carrying around our PC with us. When something bad happens to our laptops we feel like there is something misssing in our lives until we get them repaired. Quadaces can help you with any of your laptop's needs. We can provide upgrades, repairs, hardware and software installation, back up of files or recovery of lost files and removal of any viruses. 

Broken laptop screen? No problem! We specialize in screen replacements. 

Tablet Repair

Quadaces Tablet Repair

  • Screen Replacement
  • All Manufacturers - Apple, Andriod & ect
  • Setup & Upgrades
  • Hardware Replacements

Tablets have become more and more popular in today's age and we use them just like a computer. We save files and photos, upload documents, send email and so on. 

When something fails on your tablet we sometimes don't know what to do, when this happens please give us a call.

We can provide setup and installation of software for tablets and replacement of broken screens and hardware. 

Phone Repair

Quadaces computer repair

  • Screen Replacement
  • All Manufacturers - Apple, Andriod & ect
  • Setup & Upgrades
  • Hardware Replacements

We love our phones! We use them for calling, texting, getting on the internet, email and so much more. If our cell phones break, we feel cut off from the rest of the world. But don't feel alone, Quadaces is here for you. We can replace those broken screens, replace hardware and help with setup and upgrades.


Proudly serving the Daytona Beach business community for over 20 years.

Need an Upgrade?


Give us a call or email for detials on upgrading your current PC or building a new one. We can provide assistance and information with specifc types of computers and buidling/upgrading your computer to meet your needs.


Recycling & Re-marketing of your used computers & other electronics is important:

We perform environmentally responsible computer and other electronic recycling with minimal electronics waste to landfills, protecting employees, the public and the environment. By recycling electronics you are ensuring the hazardous contaminants found in CRT Monitors are kept from landfills or other locations where they could impact the local environment. Call us for more information.

Keeping you computer software up to date can make everyone more efficiant.
We provide computer & laptop repairs and upgrades / hardware troubleshooting / computer tune-ups / CPU upgrades / memory upgrades / laptop screens, AC adapter plug repair / Virus, Trojans, malware removal / backup service and file recovery.


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